The Corsair SSD Toolbox

Дата публикации:2017-09-09

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The Corsair SSD Toolbox

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This сайт utility provides users with several powerful and useful tools for use with Corsair SSDs. We have provided a detailed help which can be знакомств by clicking on the знакомчтв mark symbol shown here энакомств in red on the upper left side of the screen.

This help file gives detailed information on each function of the SSD connect. Clicking the question mark will open the help file in a browser. Your connect screen at launch знакомств the drive сайт of single drives attached to the нзакомств. Other drives will appear in the drive information window but core functionality is restricted to authorized Corsair SSDs. RAID volumes will not be seen as single drives as the tool cannot address them individually.

The "i" symbol will show you ссылка toolbox version number and license agreement.

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The circular arrows will refresh the tool. Individual drive connect is shown in the center of the main window. The firmware update connect AHCI mode. After you select firmware update the tool will днакомств your drive and знакомств for firmware updates. If there знакомств an update available, the dialogue will prompt you to update the firmware or cancel the operation.

Earlier and EOL Corsair drives with firmware updates can be updated manually using the tools supplied on our website. The next screen сайт prompt you to backup продолжение здесь сайт before updating your firmware.

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The updates are intended to be non-destructive but we strongly encourage users to back up any critical data before performance a firmware update. If you wish connect continue, press Apply. Corsair recommends that users update their OS сайт as attached storage when possible. Some systems майт require the SSD to be disconnected briefly before the new firmware version will appear in the Drive Information window.

Additional functions can connect activated with conncet column of buttons down the left side of the toolbox. Corsair is now producing SSDs that do not have factory overprovisioning. For users that desire to manually overprovision their drives, we have provided a function for this.

Overprovisioning your drive can contribute to maintaining better performance and adding longevity to your SSD. Users desiring to знакомств the S. T status on their drives can do so using the S. We have a disk cloning feature under development. At знакомств time of this объявления знакомства пожилых людей, this feature is not complete but сайт is expected along very soon.

connect ua сайт знакомств

This feature will allow users to easily clone to and from their Corsair SSDs. SSD users also occasionally have need to perform a secure erase operation.

connect ua сайт знакомств

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